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Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

We offer a group therapy program through which students with similar interests and a professional counselor gather to solve problems and assist each other's personal growth through a variety of activities and conversation.

Group Therapy Programs

Group Therapy Programs
  • Relationship Improvement Program
    • This program helps participants to solve various problems related to relationships and to form positive relationships.
  • Emotional Control & Communication Program
    • This program enhances the participants' ability to understand more about themselves by discovering their true feelings and desires, and by fostering the ability to communicate with other people in a nonaggressive way.
  • Adaptation to University Life Program
    • This problem enhances enrolled students’ ability to adapt to university life and helps them to lead happier and more fruitful campus lives.
  • Stress Management through Mindful Meditation Program
    • The Stress Management Program provides training in mindful meditation, enabling participants to understand what stress is and to learn how to clearly see and accept issues in their lives.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Program
    • This program helps participants to lead richer, more fulfilled and meaningful lives while accepting the unavoidable hardships of life.
  • Career Selection Program
    • This program helps participants to make rational decisions in relation to their careers through self-understanding.
    • Self-assessment and the provision of relevant knowledge, and to search productively for the ideal path for them in the world of work.