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Psychological Crisis Intervention

We carry out a variety of initiatives to prepare for and pre-empt crisis situations, as can be seen in the chart below.

Psychological Crisis Intervention Services
Psychological Crisis Intervention Services
Webtoon Animation for Suicide Prevention
  • Produce webtoons to enhance recognition of students’ psychological crises
Leaflet with instructions for Crisis Response
  • Devise and distribute guidelines about suicide prevention and pre-emptive measures
Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training
  • Through training, prevent suicides on campus and improve mental health
  • Understand suicide risk factors and deal with such factors
Guidelines and Faculty Training for Crisis Response
  • Distribute manual detailing the necessary, immediate response to risk situations and provide related training
Group Counseling for Crisis Response
  • Develop and run a group counseling program aimed at risk management
Individual Counselling for Crisis Response
  • Enable immediate intervention in risk situations through risk counseling
  • Operate a system linked to other related organizations on and off campus, for the purpose of crisis intervention